T70 TRYBA's premium series

beautiful design, solid architechture and an unmatched superior quality T70 is Europe's top line

TRYBA, the giant French pvc windows manufacturer, started its business back in 1980. Driven by the passion of its founder, today TRYBA produces 3,500 units per DAY in Europe alone. With over 20 production sites, and more than 250 sales offices, it has become a recognizable force in its field.

T70 is the premium line that doesn't compromise quality at any level.
Crafted with 30 years extrusion experience, TRYBA designed an all-round system achieving the highest performances

Tryba Market what's in it for you
  European mix Turkish mix higher extrusion standards where some Turkish manufacturers allow up to 20% recycled plastics to be used
1 3 mm wall thickness 2.4 mm wall thickness 20% more material for stronger profiles and better insulation
2 multibent galvanized steel reinforcement everywhere U shaped steel only where necessary a steel frame covered with PVC instead of a PVC frame with weak steel
3 Steel hinges piercing through frame AND sash hinges enter only into the frame lifetime guarantee that your window will keep its original shape even after 20 years of use
4 multi-substance extruded rubber joints EPDM joints harder to fall out of their frame and better closing against it
5 Six chambered profile offering optimal insulation Four chambered profiles Better heat and sound insulation
6 Curved sash Flat sash better water drainage and a much prettier design
7 28 mm standard double glazing 20 mm standard double glazing Better heat and sound insulation
8 Three types of glass bead forms one type of glass bead design that suits your taste
  78 mm wide profile 60 mm wide profile stronger profiles and better insulation
  automated production process manual production process less room for errors and faster delivery