PVC what is it really?

how about a product that combines the benefits of aluminum and wood while overcoming their weaknesses

T70 angle

A durable and long lasting material, PVC has become a very popular product in the construction industry. It is already used in water pipes, heating pipes, plastic chairs and beach tables. Today, technological advances improved the formula to better sustain UV sun rays and very low/high temperatures. Since esthetics are important, engineers added coloured lamination films to imitate wood's original colour giving you a much wider choice to decorate your windows.

Unlike aluminum, which has a very cold metallic touch, PVC is inert like wood saving us lots of dollars in terms of heat conservation. But unlike wood, which needs constant maintenance, PVC is maintenance free.




Comment / Verdict

Physical Property


Non Metallic

Non Metallic

Unlike Alu, PVC and Wood are bad conductors of heat thus better insulation

longterm upkeep

little maintenance

expensive maintenance

maintenance free

on the long term, PVC is the cheapest option

initial investment

low if using entry level type



averagely priced with lots of added value, PVC is your best option