Double Glazing

The new standard in Lebanese norms for windows and doors.

Double glazing heat insulation

Glazing was always a part of the windows of a home, but today the standards are much higher.

In the old times, we had windows to let the light come in, so we can see the outside and enjoy the view the walls block. Today, glazing has a much more important role.

Double glazed windows resolve all the problems of your single glazed windows such as heat lost, noise pollution, and poor security in your home.

Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

Solar Gain

The outer pane of glass attracts and allows the heat from the sun in to your home. We offer two options planilux clear float glass which is made from high quality, clear annealed glass or Diamant Low-Iron glass which is highly transparent allowing maximum light inside your home.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Now the heat is in your homeā€¦ how do you stop it from escaping? The inside pane (low emissivity) reflects heat from your fire, radiator or solar gain heat back into your home rather than allowing it to escape through your windows. The glass unit is filled with argon gas and sealed up with a warm seal which acts as an insulation barrier for your home. Double glazed windows reduces the need for heating in your home, helps to save energy and protect the environment whilst saving you money on heating bills.

Improved Security

Double glazing windows offer better security compared to single pane glass windows. Our windows are internal sealed so that the glass can not be removed from the outside.

More Comfortable Rooms

Improved thermal insulation means fewer cold spots and draughts near windows and doors

Less Condensation

The inner surface of the glass stays warmer reducing internal condensations and prolonging the life of your windows.