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Started in 1995, FENESTRA was among the first companies to introduce PVC into the Lebanese market. We took our time to educate our clients of the benefits of this material over aluminum and wood. It was a very long road. With the support of the French expert TRYBA, we followed their guidelines to improve our production process, increase our sales and deliver high quality windows to our clients.

Today, Fenestra is a recognized brand among most experts of the Lebanese construction sector. We have built a good reputation and even a better brand image along the passed 29 years of business. Our current production capacity is about 60 windows per day. We have executed projects all over the Lebanese territory from the north to the south and up the hills of the bekaa valley. Wherever you are, we can most probably point you to a project near you so you can see our work. Our clients are our salesmen, our product is our success.

We are located in

  • Beirut el kafa'at area, blvd. Hadi Nasrallah, el mostafa bldg., underground with an area of 1700 sqm.
  • Tripoli el Bahsas area, old beirut main road, el ghandour bldg., 1000 sqm warehouse

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